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i draw thing

Sometimes I stream my art. Would you attend a stream, if I started advertising them here? 

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Hi. I'm Roxy. I draw lots of things. Feel free to use my art for personal uses or repost it -- just make sure to LINK BACK to me!

You MAY NOT use them for commercial purposes without my express permission.
Signal boosting this again!

:iconabsolute-loki:is going through another rough patch.  Am I popular? No, but I think I have enough people who like my art that could either give her a look or buy her stuff!

Taken from my previous journal:

"… This is where samples of her art and her Terms of Service are!  She's pretty friendly so if you have any questions feel free to ask her stuff.  She only takes Canadian Dollars (CAD), but Paypal allows you to convert whatever currency you're using to CAD."  Remember, if you can't afford anything, at least spread the word.
some of her pieces:

tumblr n3h84p0OgQ1r0nd8po1 500 by appleaerosol

Ayano no koufuku riron by appleaerosol


WC OCT REF SHEET -- MINT by appleaerosol
Name: Theoletta "Mint" Lovelock.
Age: 18
Sex/Gender: Female/Female
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 152 lbs
Occupation: Full-time university student/Beast Tamer of the Lovelock demon hunting business
Powers:  Mint is the Witch of Fortune; this means that she doesn't really have as many active magic abilities as she does passive ones.  The most important one is her ability to reincarnate; however, this only happens when she completes a full cycle (a cycle being when she lives out her entire life.  She'll die and eventually come back with the memories of her past selves.  It'd take about an entire generation for her to come back, so she would just stay dead once killed.)  Mint also has the ability to summon her beasts, Amandine the Swan and Dio the Hellhound.  However, due to the magic in Walking City, she can not call on either of them. 

Her only other power is the manipulation of the circle clips in her hair.  The clips contain pieces of her, are a sort of gift for being good in her past life, and can be used for a variety of purposes.  For the sake of this OCT, I'll list off three of their main uses: As weapons, they can expand and be used as razor sharp chakrams that hurt whomever Mint is intent on hurting, but do not harm their weilder.  They can expand to be used as collars for subduing enemies and large beasts.  Finally, they work as extra lives.  When Mint dies, one clip will be used to bring her back.  She'll be brought back with full health, though her most recent memories will be a little fuzzy.  She can not get that clip back.  When she dies, the second clip will be used and her most recent memories will be blank.  Neither of the clips will come back and if Mint dies a third time, she's dead.  For good.  Or at least, until her next cycle begins (and that would be way after the OCT ends).

Physical abilities:
High stamina
High defense

Personality:  Mint has the body a young woman, the knowledge of an adult, and all the whimsy and irresponsibility of a child.  She is spontaneous, capricious, and curious, often doing things in her own interest or to shirk off responsibilities (like going to the Walking City to escape her homework and other duties).  She can be horrendously lazy at times.  She rarely takes anything seriously and seems to show no emotions beyond perpetual amusement, though she does have her moments where something will wipe that smile off her face and push her into long, pensive thought.

Mint has a distinct way of speaking: everyone gets a title (Mr., Ms., etc) be it sincere or mocking, she usually remembers her "please"s and her "thank you"s, and she'll sass you to your face in the most inoffensive and enthusiastic way possible.

Mint has no fear of death.  It's practically part of her life.  However, she does have a fear of homework and boredom.

Mint doesn't always introduce herself, but when she does, she always only introduces herself as "Mint".  Never Theoletta.

Mint loves animals, Hellish or normal.  They're all just so cute!  She's not particularly fond of children, though.

Mint's favorite tea is actually chamomile, but her second favorite is peppermint.

Mint's hair is naturally green, yes.

Mint loves philosophical discussions.  Loves, loves, loves them.


Audition:  Walking City [Audition/Round 0]




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Anyways on to the point: I haven't posted to deviantart in basically forever and I was wondering if you'd be willing to take part in a little experiment I'm trying. I want to try and draw and paint things that are outside of my comfort zone, and I figure one of the best ways to get inspiration is to ask random people to give me prompts or ask me to draw one of their characters.

So, I want you to ask me to draw something, anything, and I won't limit what you ask. Instead I will try my best to draw it and I'll even feature you in the deviation comments so people can see your gallery! Not only do I get to stretch my creativity, I also get a chance to make friends and help other artists gain exposure. What do you say?
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Sorry for the late reply, but it sounds good to me.  Do I PM you my suggestion or what?
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